Tribute to Gavin Ramsay

Welcome to the Classic Superbike Racing Association

We race and parade Classic Superbike Racing Motorcycles from bygone eras.


The CSRA aims to be one of the larger and most respected racing motorcycle associations. Close racing, full grids and friendly pits at the best racing circuits in the country offer riders and spectators a memorable taste of racing from the past.

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Getting to know the CSRA

If you are new to racing motorcycles, you have come to the right place to find out more and enjoy the thrill of racing classic superbikes, either as a rider or a spectator. Join the CSRA – you can join as a full racing member, or as a non-riding member.

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Our constitution

The body shall be known as the CLASSIC SUPERBIKE RACING Association, hereinafter called the ‘CSRA’. The principle need for transparency with regards to the funding of the sport, to enable those willing to assist with funding to do so with confidence.

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