About CSRA

The Classic Superbike Racing Association (also known as CSRA) aims to be one of the larger and most respected racing motorcycle associations.

Close racing, full grids and friendly pits at the best racing circuits in the country offer riders and spectators a memorable taste of racing from the past. Motorcycle racing in any class is immeasurable safer on today’s closed circuits than it was in the past. Racing on closed circuits still lives on and there’s no shortage of brave riders willing to risk it all in their quests for glory.

The CSRA was formed by like-minded potential competitors, who, in the main, had prepared racing bikes for the Annual SA “TT Races”. Our logic was to organise a series of races in SA that would culminate with the TT races each year.

South Africa enjoyed a “heyday” of production bike racing in the 1980’s and the equipment that this was based upon remains reasonably affordable today. There was a “sea change” of superbike specs between the mainly air-cooled bikes of the late 70’s and early 80’s when the oil cooled Suzuki GSXR burst onto the scene around 1985/6. Many of our members run both 750 and 1100 “Gixxers” of this period.

As a result of this phenomenon, and the performance gap it entailed, we have adopted 3 racing categories for the CSRA:

Formula 1 – Bikes from 1984 – 1989

Formula 2 – Bikes from 1975 – 1983

Formula 750 – Bikes up to 1975 and any 750 up to 1989, 2 strokes up to and including 1993.

Should sufficient members come forward wishing to race older machinery this will be accommodated, but with rider safety coming first.

We have tried to be as non-prescriptive as possible with regards to our technical regulations, allowing our members to fettle their machines as best as practical, taking into consideration the age of their machinery, once again safety considerations upper mind.

The Association has embarked upon efforts to try to pass on skills to the next generation of potential bike racers.