Press release Oct 2016

The Classic Superbike Racing Association competing in the 2017 SA TT’s and beyond



The Classic Superbike Racing Association (also known as CSRA) was formed in 2016 by like minded racers who, in the main, had prepared Classic machinery for the annual SA TT events at Zwartkops and Killarney. Our logic was to organise a series of races in SA that would start each year with the TT races and follow with 6 more events around the country, 2016 has followed this plan with some great racing throughout both the country and our field of bikes.

South Africa enjoyed a “heyday” of production bike racing in the 1980’s and the equipment that this was based upon remains reasonably affordable today. There was a “sea change” of superbike specs between the mainly air-cooled bikes of the late 70’s and early 80’s when the oil cooled Suzuki GSXR burst onto the scene around 1985/6. FIM rule changes also eliminated 2 stroke engines due to emission issues, and we also try to accommodate those still keen to run such machinery.

As a result of this phenomenon, and the performance gap it entailed, we have adopted 3 racing categories in the CSRA:
Formula 1 – Bikes from 1984 – 1989
Formula 2 – Bikes from 1976 – 1983
Formula 3 – 4 stroke Bikes up to end 1975, plus 2 stroke bikes up to end 1993

We have tried to be as non-prescriptive as possible with regards to our technical regulations, allowing our members to fettle their machines as best as practical, taking into mind the age of their machinery, once again safety being our prime consideration.

If you are interested in starting racing with the CSRA, the Competitor Information page on our website will give you useful information regarding technical regulations, details about forthcoming events and entries. Or contact our club secretary Debbie Ramsay on for assistance.


2017 SA TT our “Honour Challenge” – in its 3rd year

The 2017 SA TT,s are being run in 2017 on 28th 29th January at Zwartkops Raceway and at Killarney on Saturday 4th Feb, CSRA members will most likely make up the majority of the field.

To “spice up” the TT, an Honour Challenge between the Scots and Springbok teams will again be run as a race within a race at the 2017 TT’s. The last 2 years resulted in the Scots taking 2015 and the Springboks 2016, so it’s all to race for in 2017.

With Bill Simpson badly injured overseas and Rod Gray suffering from a crocked shoulder from an off road accident IVID is sponsoring two 4 man racing teams. The Scots team all having competed in SA previously, being;

Iain Simpson– Multiple Scottish, IOM (and SA) TT winner on his custom framed Suzuki XR69- the same bike as Michael Dunlop won the IOM Classic TT on last year
Iain “Fearless” MacPherson – Scottish Champion and the winner of the first ever WSB race at Kyalami as a Ten Cate Kawasaki works rider, on a Van Breda Racing prepared IVID Suzuki GSXR 1100
Howard Selby– Multiple Scottish champion and European 600cc Champion, on a Van Breda Racing prepared IVID Suzuki GSXR 1100
Gordon Grigor – Multiple Scottish Champion and British Endurance racing champion, on an IVID Suzuki GS 1000 “Wes Cooley” replica

Our 2017 Springboks are ;
Graeme Van Breda– Multiple SA champion and 2015 ZX10 masters cup champion on a Van Breda Racing prepared IVID Suzuki GSXR 1100
Gavin Ramsay– Multiple SA champion and current CSRA Formula 1 Championship leader on a Mike Ramsay prepared IVID Suzuki GSXR 1100
Peter Labuschagne– Multiple SA champion and successful International GP Racer on a Van Breda Racing prepared IVID Suzuki GSXR 1100
Mike McSkimming – a previous SA TT Class winner and now the technical “backbone” of the Team IVID Racing, on an IVID Suzuki GS 1000 “Wes Cooley” replica


Other TT involvement

Other than the above teams, our “grapevine” indicates that CSRA members Danie Maritz and Noel Haarhoff are both preparing fast Suzuki GSXR bikes specifically aimed at TT success. Other CSRA racing stalwarts such as John Kosterman, Fergal McAdam, Gary Edwards, Etienne Louw and PE,s Jason Joshua (on the ex Les Van Breda Katana 1100) are expected to challenge on competitive machinery.

As ever, we wait with baited breath as to what arrives from overseas, however with the TT organisers and the CSRA agreeing to stick to identical technical rules, we hope “a level playing field” results; No upside down forks, engine matching frame, no slicks etc.

IVID and Vyfster Carriers will again sponsor the CSRA and HMG members truck taking over 20 bikes down and back to Cape Town from the Reef, this gesture allows many Classic Bikes to “parade” at the Killarney event that otherwise would be sorely missed by the very enthusiastic crowd.