Our constitution

  1. Name and founding principles
    1. The body shall be known as the CLASSIC SUPERBIKE RACING Association, hereinafter called the ‘CSRA’ (deemed as a Recreation Service Club in terms of the relevant legislation)
    2. The principle need for transparency with regards to the funding of the sport, to enable those willing to assist with funding to do so with confidence
    3. The principle need for the sport to deal with the accusation that it is a “white elitist” domain, and to actively pursue methodology that will allow the sport to be deemed socially responsible in the local context
    4. The principle need for a long term view of regulations with regards to constantly aging machinery and providing substantive guidance to members in this respect
    5. The principle need of maintaining classic superbike racing as “safe” as is practical in what is accepted as an inherently dangerous sport
  2. Objectives
    1. The objectives of the club shall include:
      1. To promote and develop the sport of classic superbike racing locally and to take into regards potential international involvement of both competitors and race machinery
      2. To encourage and promote cooperation between the ‘CSRA’, and other motorcycle racing series clubs and any other motor racing related organisations
      3. To seek funds, from whatever source, to allow financial assistance to be routed to the competitors, where necessary, to allow for their active participation on the series
      4. To provide the sport with clear regulations, fair and reasonable enforcement of such, and a practical and swift process to deal with related protests etc.
    2. The property and income of the club shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the club and no part of that property or income may be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to members, except in good faith in the promotion of those objectives and principles of the ‘CSRA’
  3. Membership
    1. Membership shall be open to all persons active in the sport subscribing to the objectives of the CSRA, whose membership application has been approved by the CSRA management committee and paying the prescribed fee. The CSRA management committee will, from time to time, draft guidelines for membership acceptance based upon the principles of the ‘CSRA’ founding principles. No restrictions shall be imposed on any person by virtue of religious or political beliefs or activities, sex, nationality, race or age.
    2. The club shall provide for various classes of membership including:
      1. Full (Competitors) Voting
      2. Partial (Social/Supporters) Non voting
      3. Life member – Voting
    3. Membership shall cease if a member:
      1. Resigns.
      2. Is suspended or expelled at the discretion of the CSRA management committee
      3. Fails to pay the subscription fee by (30) of days after falling due and is deemed not paid up.
      4. Full membership (Competitors) will only be granted to an individual older than 35 years at the start of the calendar year. (Having turned 35 in the previous year)
  4. Powers of the Management Committee

    For the purpose of achieving or furthering the objectives stated in section 2.0, the CSRA management committee shall have the power:

    1. To purchase, sell, lease or rent club or personal property, providing that this is in accordance with Recreation Services Club rules and regulations.
    2. To borrow, raise or secure the payment of money to secure the payment of performance of any debt, liability, contract or guarantee incurred or to be entered into the club.
    3. To exercise the rights and privileges associated with registration of a Recreation Services Club.
    4. To set membership fees and to invest the monies of the CSRA.
    5. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the objectives and principles of the CSRA.
    6. To arrange for the regulations with regards to Classic Superbike Racing to be agreed and published.
    7. To set standards and maintain discipline within the CSRA, with particular regards to safety and the good name of the CSRA and to publish a related code of conduct.
    8. To control the use of race numbers, the fixing of sponsors decals etc.
  5. Subscriptions
    1. The CSRA shall charge an annual subscription fee to the members, which shall be set by the club management committee.
    2. The annual subscription fee shall be at such a rate as the committee may determine from time to time, subject to confirmation by a general meeting.
    3. Members shall be entitled to voting rights as set out in 3.2 above.
    4. Any person wishing to become a member shall submit an application in a manner dictated by the committee.
    5. Each member’s subscription shall expire on 31 Dec each year, subs will be payable annually in advance.
    6. Any members whose annual subscription is not paid by the due time shall be deemed to be not paid up and loses their voting rights.
  6. Suspension or expulsion of members
    1. Any member of the club who fails to observe the rules of the CSRA and its Code of Conduct, or whose conduct, in the interests of the committee, does not observe the objectives and/or founding principles of the club may be suspended or expelled from membership of the club.
    2. The club must communicate in writing or orally via a management committee member, with a witness present, to the member, notice of the suspension and particulars of the conduct that resulted in the suspension.
    3. A member who is suspended or expelled and wishes to appeal against that suspension or expulsion shall give notice in writing to a management committee member of the CSRA of his or her intention to do so within seven (7) days of notice of the suspension or expulsion.
    4. The appeal must be heard by the management committee of the club and the suspended or expelled member must have the opportunity to put to the committee his/her case. Due to costs, no legal representation will be permitted during disciplinary processes. All decisions of the committee will be by majority.
    5. Any member who is suspended or expelled shall not be entitled to any refund of subscription or membership fees.
  7. Registration of club members
    1. The Secretary, on behalf of the club, must keep and maintain an up to date register of the members of the association, their date of birth, gender, contact details and bike/s description.
      1. The register must be so kept and maintained at the secretaries place of residence, or at such other place as the members at a general meeting decide.
      2. The secretary must cause the name of a person who ceases to be a member to be deleted from the register of members.
  8. CSRA Management Committee (‘MC’)
    1. The ‘MC’ of the club shall be made up of 5 members elected at the Annual General Meeting of the members of the CSRA by secret ballot, to fulfil the roles as set down below or as designated by the Chairman;
      1. Chairman
      2. Technical Adviser
      3. Secretary
      4. Vice Chairman( Treasurer)
      5. MSA/ HMG liaison
    2. Only paid up and life members can be elected to the ‘MC’.
    3. A member of the club executive may lose his seat on the committee for either of the following:
      1. Absence from three or more meetings without leave of absence
      2. Being found to act in a manner not in the best interests of the CSRA
    4. The administration and promotion of the club shall be the responsibility of the ‘MC’.
    5. ‘MC’ terms shall run for a period of 12 months.
    6. The ‘MC’ shall meet on at least four (4) occasions per year
    7. The quorum shall consist of (4),
    8. In the event of any office not being filled or vacated between AGM’s, the ‘MC’ shall have the power to appoint a member to that office at a late date without reference to the members.
  9. Changing the constitution
    1. No alteration, addition or amendment of this constitution shall be made unless and until carried by a resolution at any general meeting called for such a purpose. Alternation, addition of adjustment of the constitution may be made by a majority of at least two thirds (or insert number) of the members present.
    2. Notice of the proposed alternation, addition or amendment shall be given in the invitation to the meeting as proposed above.
  10. Duties of Management Committee Members
    General responsibilities for each of these positions will be subject to revision from time to time and set down in the committee minutes,

    1. Chairman
      1. Chairs or ‘presides’ at general meetings especially the AGM.
      2. Acts as ambassador for the club, representing the club at external meetings
      3. Sets agenda and controls discussions in club meetings
    2. Vice Chairman (Treasurer)
      1. Assists Chairman with meetings and decisions
      2. Takes place of Chairman if he/she is unable to attend any meeting or appointment
      3. Administers club accounts
    3. Club Secretary
      1. Principal administration officer
      2. Principal administration officer
      3. Writes agendas and minutes in club meetings
      4. Collects members subscriptions
      5. Maintains membership list
    4. MSA / HMG Liaison
      1. Point of reference between Committee and external governing bodies
      2. Acts to ensure that the CSRA and the HMG act in concert when facilitating race /parade meetings
    5. Technical Adviser
      1. Maintains regulations
      2. Acts as first point of contact for all members re technical matters
  11. Notice of meetings
    1. Fourteen (14) days notice shall be given of the annual general meeting by written format to all members.
    2. ourteen (14) days notice shall be given of an extraordinary general meeting by notices displayed at the club in an appropriate place and by written format to all members.
    3. Seven (7) days notice shall be given of a committee meeting in any manner convenient to the committee Unless the meeting constitutes an emergency meeting
  12. Minutes of meetings
    1. The secretary, or in his/her absence, another committee member, shall keep minutes of all general meetings
    2. Minutes of all meetings shall be open to inspection by any member or Motorsport South Africa at a time and place convenient to the secretary.
  13. Voting
    1. Only current paid up members of the CSRA and Life members shall be eligible to vote.
    2. At every general meeting a resolution put to the vote shall be voted on by a show of hands or appropriately supervised secret ballot.
    3. At every general meeting, a resolution put to the vote shall be decided by a numerical majority of eligible voters. Each member has one vote.
  14. Registration as a Motorsports Club
    1. The CSRA shall be registered as a motorsports club with Motorsport South Africa.
    2. In the event of the dissolution of the CSRA, the assets, accounts and records of the society shall be turned over to Motorsport South Africa or at the discretion of Motorsport South Africa turned over to any club of similar objectives to the dissolved club.
    3. The CSRA shall meet the conditions of registration as outlined on the application for registration forms.
    4. The ‘MC’ shall inform the Sports Coordinator at Motorsport South Africa immediately in writing of any liabilities or possible liabilities that it may incur that may in any way become the ultimate responsibility of Motorsport South Africa.
    5. The ‘MC’ is bound by the rules, regulations and code of conduct as outlined by Motorsport South Africa.
  15. Finance
    1. The ‘MC’ shall ensure true accounts are kept of the monies received and expended.
    2. A balance sheet containing a summary of assets and liabilities of the club, together with a statement of income and expenditure for the preceding year shall be made out and submitted to the next annual general meeting.
    3. The authority to access any bank accounts shall rest with at least two (2) club officials.
  16. Income and property
    1. The income and property of the club shall be applied solely towards the promotion of objectives of the club.
    2. No portion of the income or property shall be paid, transferred or distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the club, provided that nothing shall prevent the payment in good faith or remuneration in return for services actually rendered to the CSRA
  17. Inspection of records
    1. Am ‘MC’ member may at any reasonable time inspect without charge, the books, documents, records and securities of the club.
    2. A member may at any reasonable time request to inspect without charge the books, documents, records and securities of the club.
  18. Distribution of surplus property on dissolution of the club
    1. If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Association there remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same must not be paid to or distributed among the members, or former members. The surplus property must be given or transferred to another association incorporated under the Act which has similar objects and which is not carried out for the purposes of profit or gain to its individual members, and which association shall be determined by resolution of the members